Why You Need A Web Site

Ok, youíve seen it all - heard it all - and youíre sick of hearing about it. What you can believe from all the Internet hype youíve been bombarded with is that money, name recognition and prestige really do come from being on the Net. The Internet can enhance how your business is perceived because all business is on equal footing. A small company with a properly promoted web site can look as large and profitable as the biggest multinational corporation. One employee operations are putting up web sites every day that include photos, maps, company profiles, sales literature, spec sheets and much more. Think about it - if your competitors have a web site - and you donít ... how does that make you look? Perception is everything!

A web site is extremely cost effective and much cheaper than advertising in the newspaper, phonebook or by direct mailing. Unlike traditional media, having a web site gives the public 24 hour access to your company information.

Medium   Circulation   Cost per 1,000   Features
Newspaper    230,000   $29.96   Local, runs one day
Magazine    640,000   $92.49   National, expensive
Direct Mail    50,000   $4,350.00   Limited, expensive
Internet    62,000,000   $.035   Huge Circulation, International

Not only will you be able to add color and eye-catching graphics to your web site, but also informational links, brochures, sales and ordering information, company profiles, or anything else that fits your business. As more-and-more consumers "surf" the net, the possibilities that a web site offers your business are almost mind-boggling.

To be thought of as "on the cutting edge" or as a "player" in today's global market, a business must have a web site - its as simple as that.

Designing and maintaining a web site can cost $1,000ís of dollars plus huge monthly maintenance fees. Some local companies have paid over $10,000! We can get you up and running on the World Wide Web for a fraction of that cost.

You can start promoting your business over the Internet immediately!

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