What makes a Successful Web Site?

  • It must be readily accessible through searches and directories.
  • As your business storefront, your Web Site must be designed to catch the viewers eye and project your philosophy.
  • It should display your company's logo, important graphics, and/or pictures.
  • It must be clearly understood by its readers, and understand the consumers' needs.
  • It must give the viewer all the information they need to make a purchase decision.
  • It must be fresh and updated regularly, to keep the viewer coming back.
  • If the viewer has questions, they should be able to access you (email, forms, or replies).
  • Networking. Connectivity increases exposure via Hyperlinks to, and from, other related sites.
  • Client Feedback. The ability to receive statistics based on visits to your Web Site, gives you important information on the effectiveness of your internet marketing strategy.
  • Administration. A Web site Administrator who works with you, to accomplish your goals and can accommodate your online growth.



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