What Good is a WEB SITE if nobody ever sees it?


Don't let yours become a COB-Web Site! Designing a website without arranging for search engine visibility is like designing a catalogue and not mailing it to your customers! 

The great majority of traffic to almost all successful web sites comes from one of the popular search engines. In order to benefit from search engine generated traffic you must be properly registered and your pages must be optimized for search engine indexing.

Unlike most site creators WriteTrack Publications designs its sites with the search engines in mind and includes this vital service as part of our Web Development package. But whether you are a design client or not, you can take advantage of our search engine positioning services. 

Our Search Engine Optimization Services have become a major part of our business. 

We have been very successful at increasing traffic to our clients sites by optimizing their pages for high positioning in search engine returns. 

We have done extensive research on the formulas that web search engines use to rate your pages. Most often we can redo your page to increase its visibility with only very minor changes in appearance. 

After we have discussed your needs we will provide you with a quote so that you know exactly what your costs will be before we proceed. 

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