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What Makes A Successful Website?


Most of the upfront costs involved in website development projects is in the area of Production. The two other essential elements, Hosting and Promotion, are usually either considerably less expensive or can be spread out over an extended period 

Production is the work that's performed in creating or modifying the files that are necessary to make the site load, appear and function properly. Both design and technical capabilities are needed for fulfilling this critical phase of your Internet project - and both areas must be managed and implemented with care and professionalism.

Website production can involve a great deal more than just the content that the visitor sees when he loads your site (the text, graphics, photos, etc.) Though that is often a large part of it, production also includes the work done in creating any hidden items, such as scripts, field parameters, meta tags, etc.. Content-related setup charges would also be classified as production, in that they primarily refer to ensuring consistancy from one page to another (i.e., logos, backgrounds and links etc.). 

Design Capabilities

We offer an extensive variety of design capabilities to help you get the most out of your Internet presence: 

  • Web Site Design and Layout 
  • Basic and Advanced HTML 
  • Copy writing, proofreading and editing 
  • Custom Graphic Design 
  • Digital Photography and Scanning 
  • JAVA & Javascript
  • Custom and template CGI scripting 
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Service 
  • eCommerce 
  • Custom Logo Design 
  • . . . and more!

    Some points to consider regarding our business philosopy and design strategy:

    • Every business has its own agenda, and WriteTrack knows this. That is why we work with you - to meet your needs while not exceeding your limits. We will work together to decide what is the best arrangement for your business, and help you to build an identity.
    • WriteTrack Publications approaches each of its projects, from a marketing perspective, We prefer function over flash, and we focus on this philosophy. All to often, businesses end up with finished products that are more of an art gallery than anything else, and the goal of the work is never reached. We would rather satisfy your business needs and create a productive piece of work from our umbrella of graphic and Internet services. 
    • All of the sites WriteTrack builds are created using pure HTML. This is not insignificant. Proprietary software programs such as Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Page Mill, Arachnophilia, and others are fine for personal web pages that, a) don't require custom design and layout, b) need to be created in a hurry, c) don't involve any technical elements and, d) don't require continuity, flexibility or user interaction. Such programs are called intuitive, which means that they try to "figure out" what the author wants. On the other hand, pure, or real HTML, is performed at the surface level, and dictates how a site will appear and function. Business sites should always be created in pure HTML.
    • We check all of our pages on several types of browsers (including Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer). This is an important step to assure that your page looks professional (if not identical), regardless of the visitor's browser type. Combined with pure HTML, this assures your pages of loading, appearing and functioning correctly throughout the Internet..
    Technical Capabilities

    Many of our technical capabilities are inferred by the design capabilities listed above since many items require both. For example, cgi scripting can involve a form interface in the design stage that relies on the stability of the technical element. Certain HTML tags on secure sites have to be written differently in order to function properly at the technical level. And there are others.

    Then there are the purely technical items that do not require any design interface. This would include features like password protection for creating limited access pages. Setting up email (POP accounts), email aliases and auto responders would also fall into this category and WriteTrack Publications can certainly handle any of these for you. We can also set up statistical logging to provide you with a wealth of information about the visits (and visitors) to your sites. 

    We also network closely with others in the industry, so we have access to those who may offer resources and solutions outside of our expertise. This business offers a constant learning environment - that's one of the reasons we enjoy it so much!

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