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Learn about our security measures, power backup and network connections...

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is a secured data center. Controlled access to the server center, and installation of the most current software security patches are the top two components of our company's security strategy.


The control room of the server center is manned 24/7. The monitoring team at the network operation center consists of network specialists and system engineers. They guarantee global maintenance and manage one of the most modern network administration centers in the world today.


Our server center is designed for NON STOP operation. An almost invulnerable current supply by redundant power management of systems to guarantee the smooth operation of our servers. The Internet Web server, Router and all other critical systems are supplied via "the electrically clean " operating voltage of the buffered batteries of several redundant UPS systems.


The server racks are installed in these cages. High quality components are key. In terms of server hardware, we use Pentium III systems with at least 800MHz, 256-512MB memory and SCSI-2 hard disks. We purchase nearly all of our hardware from a single trusted source to ensure consistent quality control. In addition we maintain the latest stable releases of Linux and Apache web server software.

This is one of our " big pipes ". These glass fiber lines connect us with a number of backbone providers, such as MCI, TCG, PacBell, ICG, and MFS among others. We've been told the bandwidth of the server center equals almost 2,000 Mbits per second. This bandwidth availability guarantees some of the shortest loading times for our customers Worldwide.