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YC2.NET offers Domain Hosting as well as web server management for Internet Professionals.  Review our server configurations below to see what we offer for just $25.00 per month.  Receive two months free when you pay for a full year in advance.
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YC2.NET Web Hosting Services
Includes Options
No contracts Yes No Questions Asked Prorated Refunds
Free Real-time High Level Tech. Support Yes
Service Testimonials Available For Review Yes
Perl Scripting and Server Side Support Available Yes
Server Built for "Speed." Yes

Email Services
Pop3 E-Mail Boxes 5+ To Unlimited
E-Mail Forwarding Options Yes Unlimited
E-Mail Autoresponders Yes Unlimited
Free Online Email Reader / Manager Yes Example
IMAP Ready Yes

Technical Features:
Data Transfer (Megabytes Per Mo.) 6000
Disk Storage (Mb) 200 Upgradeable In 50mb Increments
Pentium II 400+ Servers, 200+Mb RAM, IBM SCSI Hard Drives Only Yes
Unix Apache, Red Hat Linux Operating System Yes
Your Own Domain Name Yes
Frontpage 2000 Extensions (Available) Yes
Redundant Multiple T3 Connections Yes
Cisco Routers Yes
UPS Power Back-Up Yes
Daily Backups Yes
Access To Raw Full Log Files (with Referrer logs) Yes
24/7 Access To Your Account Yes
24/7 Technical Support Yes
30 Day Money Back Guarantee Yes
99% Guaranteed Uptime Yes
Telnet Access Yes
Set Yourself As Technical Contact For The Domain Name Yes
Detailed Archived Web Statistics Yes Example
Extensive Online Documentation Yes Example

CGI And Server Side Capabilities Built In
Your Own CGI-BIN Local Directory Yes Secure CGI-BIN - not located in public directory
Server Side Includes (SSI) Yes
Perl, C, Unix Sh, KSH, CSH, LWP, Java Yes
PHP3/4, Python Yes
DBM Auth_dbm Modules Yes
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Yes

Multimedia Support
Truespeech Yes
Midi File Support Yes
All Mime Types Yes
Realaudio Realvideo Yes

E-Commerce Capabilities
SSL Secure Server Yes
Shopping Cart Program Yes Available
Support For 3rd Party Commerce Solutions Yes

Database Access
MySQL Database Support Yes
Control Panel Interface To Database Tables Yes Available