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Saving Web Images and Text:

Have you ever found yourself looking at a at a Web page and wishing you could save a copy of a graphic image or a block of text to use in your own documents? Well, you can! Respecting the terms of any copyrighted material, the process is relatively simple. 

Saving Pictures: 

if you see a graphic image you want to save and retrieve later, just right-click over it. When you do, a list of options will appear. Choose the Save Image As or Save Picture As option, and you'll get a chance to save the file to your local drive. Be sure to note the name and location of the file. You can use the default name (the name the Web page used for the file) or you can type in your own. (Please note: This feature is not available with Win 3.11) 

Give it a try! Right Click on this picture and save it to your hard drive:

Test Pic

This is an image named testpic.gif 
Why not practice renaming it too! 

Saving Text: 

If you want to save some text, open your word processing program with a blank document. Then, switch back to your browser and use your mouse to select the text you want to copy. Press [Ctrl]C to copy the text, and then switch to your word processing program. Press [Ctrl]V to paste the text into your document. Then, you can save the document for future reference. 

Practice on the text below: 

"Did you know vexillology is the study of flags?" 
Of note, the text you paste into your document may not look like the text you copied from the Web page, depending on how the text was formatted in the Web page. However, even if you have to do a little minor clean-up on the text you paste, that process is still faster than printing the Web page and retyping the text from scratch.