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These are some of the common questions received by our Technical Support department. Most refer to all operating systems unless noted otherwise.

If after trying all the solutions suggested and you are still experiencing problems wait about 30 minutes and try again. There may be the chance we are updating or conducting maintenance on our server. If all else fails contact our Technical Support department.

Your server keeps asking me for my password

This can happen in two locations, when logging-in to our system or while checking your email. Make sure your login name and password are entered correctly by deleting them and re-typing them carefully using all lower case characters. When doing this also make sure the Caps Lock key is turned off on your keyboard (usually located just above the left Shift key). This will also happen if your account has been suspended or disconnected.

Why do I keep getting disconnected?

It's easy to blame someone else for this problem, but nine times out of ten it really is not our fault! The only way to be disconnected from us is by losing communication between your modem and ours. Telephone lines are usually the biggest culprit. We've all talked over the phone and heard those 'static' pops and crackles, well these are lost packets and can cause modems to lose connections.

If you have call waiting on your line this will also disconnect you if someone 'beeps' through. This can be disabled when you login by typing *70, in the dialer before our server's number

If you do have excess static on your phone line contact your phone company and request a free line conditioner. Also, some less expensive modems don't have the ability to compensate for poor reception and are generally difficult to keep connected.

Once logged on to our server you will not be disconnected intentionally by us

Some sites I visit cause my system to lock-up

Providing you haven't upset their Webmaster, it is probably caused by one of two problems. The first being that your browser's cache or temporary Internet files folder is full.

Second, some Internet sites utilize Java Applets to enhance their sites. Unfortunately these can enhance your frustrations too! Basically the Java is too much for your system or is poorly programmed.

There is also the chance that your computer is low on resources and the site you're visiting is demanding too much from your system. In either of the latter cases, re-booting your system will usually cure the problem

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