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Easy Download Guide From ZDNet Software Library


Create a
Download Folder


Download a file
using your browser


Prepare your file
for installation


Use WinZip to


Install ZDNet's Gates
Does Windows 95

    Step 5: Install "ZDNet's Gates Does Windows 95"

    If you used the Windows 95 version of WinZip, it will have placed an open Windows 95 Explorer window on your desktop with two files, gdw95.scr and gdw95.txt, inside.

    If you used the Windows 3.1x version of WinZip, you will need to use File Manager to navigate to c:\unzipped\zgdw95, where you will see two files, gdw95.scr and gdw95.txt, within.

    Files that you download generally will have one or more files that can help you learn about, install, and understand your obligations if you want to continue to use the program. Examples of files that can be opened using Windows Notepad are readme.txt, file_id.diz, vendinfo.diz, and, as with our example, gdw95.txt (product name.txt).

    When you double-click on gdw95.txt, the file should open in Notepad. Now you can read all about the screen saver and how to install it. The instructions suggest that you unzip the files into your Windows directory, but since we've already unzipped them into c:\unzipped\zgdw95, you will need to drag each file into your C:\windows directory.

    Just follow the instructions in the gdw95.txt file for Windows 95 and 3.1 users, and enjoy this ZDNet exclusive.

    Congratulations! You've successfully downloaded a file and now a whole new world is available to you! The Internet is a great source for finding software gems. By tapping into the Web's motherlode of software, you can try programs to see if you like them before laying out that hard-earned cash, and keep your favorite programs up-to-date by learning to download and install their latest versions.

    Most of the files you come across will fall into a few different categories. Freeware and Public Domain software are free for you to use, although you may be required to send the author a postcard or do a good deed in return. Shareware and Demonstration software allow you to try out a fully or partially operational program. If you like it, you can buy the full version or legitimize your copy by paying a fee.