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Easy Download Guide From ZDNet Software Library


Create a
Download Folder


Download a file
using your browser


Prepare your file
for installation


Use WinZip to


Install ZDNet's Gates
Does Windows 95

    Step 4: Use WinZip to open

    Let's use the WinZip wizard to open the "Gates Does Windows 95" file we just downloaded. You may wish to read the WinZip instructions before proceeding, so you know what to expect. If you have closed WinZip, click on the icon that was created to restart the program.

    WinZip has probably been set up to launch using Wizards,which are interfaces designed to make it easier to use new programs. They present each step in a series of separate windows, with options and decisions for you to make before you click Next to proceed. If you're using the WinZip Wizards, you can expect the following windows:

    WinZip Wizard - Welcome At this time it should not be necessary to click "Options" or anything other than the Next button.

    WinZip Wizard - Select Zip File [] Look for and highlight the file by single-clicking on it. It will then appear in the title bar as your selected file, so you can press Next.

    WinZip Wizard - Unzip [zgdw95.exe] WinZip suggests that you unzip into a new directory called c:\unzipped\zgdw95. It is a good idea to have a special directory for each file you unzip, so things don't get confusing. Click Unzip Now to take the advice of the Wizard.

    WinZip Wizard - Unzip Complete Congratulations! You have finished the unzipping portion of this tutorial and can now click Close.

    Note: You may wish to read through WinZip's help file later to learn more about it, or search the ZDNet file library for other programs to handle zip files.

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