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Easy Download Guide From ZDNet Software Library


Create a
Download Folder


Download a file
using your browser


Prepare your file
for installation


Use WinZip to


Install ZDNet's Gates
Does Windows 95

    Step 3: Prepare Your File for Installation

    While some files end in .exe and automatically install or explode into many files, most files you will download will likely end in .zip.

    Since programs almost always include more than one file, think of the trouble it would be to download many files just to get one program to install. A zip file, also referred to as an archive, is an individual file that has files stored within it. When multiple files are combined into one zip file, they are also compressed in size, which has the further benefit of saving hard drive space and shortening download time.

    Before you can install ZDNet's Gates Does Windows 95, it will be necessary to unzip (open up) the zip file in order to use the files stored within it. While other utilities are available, we recommend WinZip for unzipping files, and will use this popular shareware program for our exercise.

    If you already have WinZip installed and ready for use, click here to go to Step 4.

    If you do not already have WinZip, follow the instructions below to install the proper version.

    Download and Install WinZip

    Click on the proper version of WinZip to download it to your computer's C:\download folder:

    WinZip for Windows 95/NT

    WinZip for Windows 3.1 and 3.11

    When the download is complete, use Explorer or File Manager to move to your c:/download folder. The WinZip file (either wznt.exe or winzip.exe) is in the form of an .exe that can be run and installed without any additional help.

    Double-click on the file you just downloaded to install WinZip, then follow the easy "wizard" step-by-step instructions. We suggest you take all of the suggested default settings and scan all your drives for favorite folders. Your C:\download directory can then be easily accessed by WinZip for the next step.

    STOP when you reach the "WinZip Wizard - Welcome" window, and proceed with the next instruction.

    Click here to continue