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Creating an Internet Connection
  • Important Information About Using YC2.NET E-Mail

  • Windows 95/98
    Set-up E-mail
    Trouble Shooting
    As a computer user you know that every computer can be setup differently.  Although these instructions should work there will be the occasion where your setup may vary.  Just follow your computers 'Help' instructions or call your computer 'Tech Support' and you will find that the process is very simple. 
    Information you need before setting up your connection. 
    • Your Internet Access Account "username" (The Username you chose when you signed up with YC2.Net)
    • Your Internet Access Account "password" 
    • The local access (POP) phone number. Within the Boise local calling area the number is   947-0928 


    These instructions are general guidelines which should work for most computers.  If they do not work with your computer follow your computer 'Help' instructions on setting up your 'Dial Up Connection' and/or your browser to locate your E-Mail account.

    Setting up a Dial Up Connection.
    Dialup Networking Setup for Windows 95/98
    If you have been using AOL or other internet services and recently changed to our service, chances are you will encounter problems with some of the software you have been using to access the internet, such as your internet browser not being able to locate your favorite website and so forth. This is most likely due to your dialup networking not being configured correctly. If you follow the steps below, you should not experience any problems.
      Check your computer for proper Dialup Adapter and Protocol Settings.

      Make a new connection for YC2.NET

      Connect to the Internet

    Dialup Adapter and TCP/IP Protocol 

    Before performing the procedure below, go to your Control Panel and double click the Network Icon.  Make sure you have the following Network Components installed: Dialup Adapter, TCP/IP, and Clients for Microsoft Networks.  If these items are installed (and only one instance of TCP/IP), bypass the following paragraphs and go to Make a New Connection.  If you experience any problems later after setting up a new connection and can not dial into the system, come back and try the following paragraphs to see if this corrects the problem.

    Make a new connection for YC2.NET
    The best way to do this is to go to your:
      Dialup Networking Folder ( Click on MY COMPUTER -> DIAL UP NETWORKING -> MAKE NEW CONNECTION, or, Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Dialup Networking) and double click Make a New Connection. 

      The first window that appears, put in YC2.NET at the top and click NEXT. 

      In the next window, put in your local YC2.NET Dialup Access number. Make sure that the area code box is blank and choose NEXT. The next window will just confirm that you made a new icon and select Finish. Now that you have made a new icon for YC2.NET, you will need to setup the properties. 

      Double click on the icon you made for YC2.NET.

      Type in your 'username' Be sure your "caps lock" key is off, type in lowercase
      example:  (username)

    1. Type in your 'password'.      example:  (opensezme) 

    2. Check to make sure the phone number listed by 'Phone Number' is correct.  If it is not then you can change it by going back to 'Dial-Up Networking', highlight your icon, right mouse click, go to properties, change the phone number and click 'OK'.

      There may also be a box labeled "Save Password". If you click on this one, your password will be automatically entered after you've made the initial connection.

      If you want to connect to the internet click 'Connect'.

    3. Click on the Internet Browser that you currently use. 
    Remember, your login i.d. and password are for your dialup and for the first e-mail address on your account and should be kept in a safe place. 


    If you are having problems signing onto the service:
    1. Re-check your password and user id. Make sure it was entered in correctly, using upper and lower case letters, numbers, and the correct symbols.

    2. Make sure in your Network Settings in your control panel that you have only one (1) instance of TCP/IP. If it appears twice, there will be a conflict and you will not be able to log into the service. 

    3. If all else fails, remove both the dialup adapter and TCP/IP protocol and re-install it, this usually will solve the problem.

    4. There have been some instances where nothing worked and the only way to rectify the problem was to remove and re-install dialup networking.

    Setting up your E-Mail Account to use with your browser.
  • Important Information About Using YC2.NET E-Mail

  • Eudora Lite Internet Mail Netscape Outlook Outlook Express

    Please Note: In any of the instructions below, when you see (myname),
    substitute your user/e-mail name without parentheses.

    Outlook Express
    Step 1:Go to your Outlook Express program.

    Step 2:Click on 'Tools'

    Step 3: Click on 'Accounts'

    Step 4: Click on 'Add'

    Step 5: Click on 'Mail' 

    A Wizard will come up for you to follow.   You will be asked to give:
    A name for your E-Mail - usually your first name.

    Your E-Mail address, example. (username)

    Next you will be asked for your server name. Your server is a POP3 server,

    Incoming Mail: you will type:

    Outgoing Mail (SMTP): you will type:

    Next you will type in your account name: This is where you add the security code vs001d9 Your entry should look like this vs001d9-(email name you requested) Do not include the

    Next you will type in your password.

    Next you will give this process a "Friendly Name" ex: Joe's Mail

    Next you will be asked how to connect.   If you are going to use your browser then check the Connect using Internet Explorer or 3rd party.

    Microsoft Outlook Configuration

    To add Internet Mail:

    -Click on Tools 
    -Select Services 
    -Click Add 
    -Select Internet Mail and Click ok

    [Note: If Internet Mail has already been added, simply highlight it and click Properties ]

    Click the General tab 

    1. Where it says Full Name enter your name 

    2. In the E-mail Address field, enter your email address 

    3. In the Internet Mail Server field, enter:   vs001d9-(username)

    4. In the Account Name field, enter your vs001d9-(username) (first part of your email address)

    5. In the Password field, enter your password. 

    Click on Advanced Options 

    Type in: and press ok 

    Please follow these instructions to setup Internet Mail:

    (Internet Mail does not support multiple accounts)

    1. Open the Internet Mail program. 
    2. Click the MAIL button. 
    3. Click the OPTIONS button.  (A window with several tabs will open:)
    4. Click the SERVERS TAB 
    5. In the box marked YOUR NAME, please enter your name as it would like it to appear: Example: John Smith 
    6. In the box marked EMAIL ADDRESS, please enter your email address (in lowercase letters): Example:
    7. The OUTGOING MAIL SERVER is (in lowercase letters):
    8. The INCOMING MAIL SERVER is (in lowercase letters): vs001d9-(username)
    9. The ACCOUNT NAME is your login USERNAME (in lowercase letters)

    10. Example: vs001d9-(username)
    11. The PASSWORD is your login PASSWORD (in lowercase letters)

    12. Example:opensezme
    13. Click the ADVANCED SETTINGS: 
    14. In the box marked REPLY TO, please enter your email address (in lowercase letters)

    15. Example:(username)
    16. Click the APPLY BUTTON: 
    17. Click the OK BUTTON: Please close the Internet Mail program to allow the changes to take effect. 
    Eudora Lite (Version 3.0*) Setup:
    1. Open up the Eudora Lite Program. Select Tools, then

    2. Options from the menu bar*. 
    3. You will be presented with the scrolling tool bar on the

    4. left hand side of the window. 
    5. Select *Getting Started* Getting Started: 
    6. POP Account: vs001d9-(username))
    7. Real Name: [Your Name] 
    8. Return Address:(username)
    9. Connection Method: Winsock 
    10. Personal Info:   [This Info is already defaulted] 
    11. Dialup Username: [leave blank] 
    12. Host:   SMTP: 
    13. ph: [leave blank], 
    14. finger: [leave blank]


      The rest of the setup is for personal preferences, but the information
      provided will allow you to send and receive mail once your dialup connection
      has been established. 

      If you have the older version (1.5) of Eudora Lite, access the configuration by 
      selecting Special on the toolbar, then Settings. The rest of the instructions will be the same.

    Netscape(Version 4.0 and above)
    Step 1: Click on 'Edit'
    Step 2: Click on 'Preferences'
    Step 3: Click on 'Mail & News Groups'
    Step 4: Click on '-Identity'
    Step 5: Your name: "name sent ahead of E-Mail address" (Optional)
    Step 6: E-mail address: "username@YC2.Net"
    Step 7: Click on Mail Servers
    Step 8: Incoming Mail Servers Click on:   Add... or Edit to change existing
    Step 9: Mail servers Properties "General"
    Server Name:
    Server Type :  POP3 Server
    User Name :  vs001d9-(username)

    Step 10: Outgoing Mail Server

    Outgoing mail (SMPT) server:           YC2.Net
    Outgoing mail server user name:      vs001d9-( username)

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