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Mail Bombing:
The idea behind a mail bomb is to choke the recipient's server with so much mail that it simply stops working. Mail bombs are usually an attempt to punish someone who's violated Netiquette, the rules and courtesies that surfers are supposed to live by. Such violators are usually individuals or businesses that send out copious amounts of spam - mass, unsolicited, and usually commercial messages.

But mail bomb senders rarely punish only their intended victim. If the server collapses, everybody using it will suffer a loss of service. 

While no one can truly estimate your chances of getting mail bombed, it's safe to say that it's highly unlikely. Also, remember, that the entity most damaged by a mail bomb is the server. The damage incurred is usually in the form of a temporary loss of service. And chances are you won't be targeted unless you've done something to really peeve a hacker.

The only reason you'd really have to worry is if you're a member of that outcast breed, the spammer. According to one survey, some 5 percent of those who receive these annoying messages of the "Make Money Fast!" don't just respond, they retaliate - with weapons that include mail bombs.
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