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Need help getting started?

Have a question about using the 'Net that's bugging you? Then this is the place to read frequently asked questions, online tech guides, or request technical help. So whether you're a 'Net newbie or an experienced surfer, you'll find some useful information on getting the most from your YC2.NET service. 

Getting Offline Help:
When all else fails and you need a friendly technician to help you out, you can request technical assistance by phoning (208) 466-7272.

Trouble Shooting:
Answers to common questions received by our Technical Support department.

Creating an Internet Connection & Setting Up Your E-Mail Account

Instructions to help walk you through the manual process of creating a dial up connection on computers using the Windows Operating System, and some helpful hints on setting up your e-mail account so that you can access it using your browser.

Smart E-Mailing

How to keep from helping Spammers find you, other ways to avoid spam, what to do if you receive a "Virus Warning" and more.

Help From The Web:
The Web has many useful sites offering all kinds of tech help to get you surfing the Web better and easier. 

Everything Email answers your email questions. 
Microsoft's Internet guide and tutorial. 
Netscape's comprehensive help center. 
Net Secrets undocumented hints and tips. 
PC Viruses myths and facts on viruses. 
Browsers.Com offers all the latest browser info. 

Overview of the 'Net 

History of the Internet
how it all began.
Who Owns the Internet
and how it's all kept together.
How the Internet Works
what exactly happens!
Glossary of Net Terms
know your Unix from your Backbone.

Using the Internet: 

Smart Searching 
get better search results.
Interpret the Address 
deciphering the URL syntax.
Error Messages 
what does that pesky 404 mean?
Saving Pics & Text 
Like to grab that pic?.
Downloading Files 
from the Net to your Computer.
No Chocolate Chips here. 
Viruses on the Net 
and how avoid them!
Mail Bombs 
here's how to take shelter.

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