Set Up Help

 ...a few words about YC2.NET e-mail

YC2.NET does not limit the size of files you may send or receive.  We do ask that you set your e-mail program to remove messages from the server as they are downloaded.

Our servers use a special firewall program that prevents unauthorized users from sending e-mail through the YC2 network. The vs001d9 code you must include when you set up your account is part of this system 

The E-mail server checks for authorization before allowing a message to be sent.  Your username and password are validated when you login to check incoming mail.   That means if it has been 10-15 minutes since you logged in, you may a get an error message similar to the one shown here:  When this happens, just check your incoming mail again and then send.

If you get this message when trying to send E-Mail...

just check your incoming mail again, then send.