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Support Ashcroft's Anti-Terrorism Legislation

"The package offered by Attorney General Ashcroft strikes a balance between upgrading laws to effectively target terrorism without violating the civil liberties of Americans," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ who has reviewed the Attorney General's anti-terrorism package. "As a nation of laws, the constitution is our framework for freedom. The proposals being offered by the Attorney General are sound and will enable law enforcement to wage an effective campaign against terrorism. The package does not threaten the civil liberties of Americans - it guarantees that the government will have the tools they need to defend and safeguard our constitutional rights and freedoms. The Attorney General has a long history of upholding and defending the constitution and the rule of law. We urge Congress to act on this anti-terrorism package without delay."

These anti-terrorism measures are essential to our safety - they are completely constitutional - they have been carefully crafted to guarantee our rights - but they will also STRENGTHEN our ability to defend ourselves, our children and families, and our nation.

Do you realize that all a terrorist has to do to avoid a court-approved wiretap is SWITCH PHONES? It seems insane, but it's true - under the current law, law enforcement officials have to ask a judge for a NEW wiretap order every time a suspect uses another phone!

At this moment, terrorists are way out ahead of the laws. Current laws handcuff our law enforcement officials...

  • when they need to intercept phone calls placed by terrorists -
  • when they need to detain foreign nationals who are suspects in terrorism -
  • when they need to seize terrorists' assets to keep them from "laundering" money and funding even more murderous schemes -
  • or in any number of other completely justifiable, totally constitutional actions for the sake of our safety!

  • More Reasons To Show Your Support Now:

    1. We are at war. The nation is facing perhaps its greatest threat ever to national security. We can't expect law enforcement to put a halt to these terrorist acts if law enforcement does not have the proper tools to do the job. That is why the legislation is needed and needed now.

    2. We are a nation of laws. The Constitution is our framework for freedom. The problem is the laws now on the books are woefully inadequate when it comes to combating and investigating terrorism. The laws need to be upgraded to keep pace with the technological changes that have occurred. That is being done in a manner that is constitutionally sound and protects the civil liberties of Americans -- but gives law enforcement the power they need to go after the terrorists.

    3. The Attorney General's proposal is constitutional. With this terrible tragedy -- and the very real threat of additional attacks -- the constitutional rights of all Americans are clearly under attack NOW. The very freedoms and constitutional rights that we enjoy are targeted for elimination by a global terrorism campaign. The Attorney General's proposals will help safeguard our constitutional rights and freedoms -- not threaten them.

    4. The Attorney General will uphold the Constitution. The Attorney General and his staff have repeatedly assured Americans from the outset they will uphold and defend the constitutional rights of Americans. Mr. Ashcroft and his team have a long history of doing the right thing. The Attorney General -- and those around him -- understand the Constitution and the rule of law, and we believe they will act in the best interest of this country and its citizens in making changes to the laws.

    5. The clock is ticking.We know terrorists may strike again -- at any time. We don't have the luxury of time to conduct countless debates about the merits of each proposal. The changes proposed by the Attorney General are thoughtful and measured -- constitutionally sound -- and include safeguards to prevent the violation of civil liberties. We need Congress to act now so law enforcement will have the tools they need to stop terrorists and safeguard this nation.