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Vote With Your Feet & Wallet

Oct 2, 2001

"If my children were in a left-leaning, anti-American college, here's what I'd say: Pack your bag, you're out of there! Colleges and universities aren't any different from any other business--they all run on money. If enough students protested by leaving (if not the students, the parents footing the bill) they would lose their ability to operate. Not only student tuitions, but alumni donations should dry up!

"To me, this is a no-brainer! Waving flags and wringing hands is all knee-jerk stuff--if they'd be more proactive, take a stand, write some letters and encourage others to do the same, then some, if not all, of this foolishness would stop. The 'year of the ostrich' just ended. It's become very evident to me that the very document we cherish as freedom-loving Americans also gives them the right to voice their screwball opinions. The problem is, people on the right just stand back, shake their heads and do nothing. We've got to stop doing nothing!"

- Alysa Schermerhorn, Wall Street Opinion Journal, 10/2/01