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From Our Institutions Of "Higher Learning"

Sept. 22, 2001 Click on this link to read an article by Robert Jensen a professor of journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. Its title is "Why I Will Not Rally Around The President."

If you're not disgusted enough, there is this from UNLV sociology professor Matt Wray at a Thursday night teach-in criticizing President Bush's decision to use military action to combat terrorism.

"I've heard several commentators demonize the so-called terrorists for refusing to distinguish between military and civilian targets in the U.S. Yet, of course, President Bush has said that he is refusing to distinguish between the so-called terrorists and those who harbor them. That is precisely refusing to make the distinction between military targets and civilian ones. In my mind, this raises the question, are we becoming our own enemy?"
(Source: GOP News & Views, September 22, 2001)

"So-called" terrorists? So that must make it a "so-called" attack on America? What might YOU have "so called" them, Professor Wray, if the planes had plowed into UNLV? And are you so naive as to imagine you would have the freedom and privilege of spouting your nonsense if this country had taken no military action in the past? Doesn't becoming a sociology professor require the study of history, as well? I'm curious - what do you believe the solution to terrorism might be? Perhaps we should just "tolerate their cultural diversity"?

For at least a decade, this country's colleges and universities have been pushing a blatantly liberal agenda. Among other dangerous trends, these institutions foster an attitude of revulsion against traditional American attitudes and encourage the rewriting of the nation's history to be more "Politically Correct".

We have been silent for far too long. If ever there was a time to stand up against this BS, it is NOW! Note that the names of the two professors are highlighted links to their E-mail addresses. Tell them what YOU think of their publically expressed opinions. The paragraph above is essentially the message I sent to Matt Wray. Below is the text of my message to Robert Jensen:

Mr. Jensen - I'm not writing to condemn you, but to ask you what action you believe should be taken. How do we seek "justice" without demanding the perpetrators of this horrible crime be held accountable? What "hope" is there if we don't act to prevent terrorists from having free reign? How do we stand up for our values if we're unwilling to fight for them?

If a bully beat up your child or someone raped your wife, would you "speak quietly about the grief we all feel" or would you speak loudly about bringing the criminals to justice?

The immediate (and quite natural) human reaction of the majority of the country may have been to seek instant revenge, but I don't believe our president nor the majority of government leaders have "vengeance" on their minds at this juncture. The Congressional resolution is necessary and appropriate and we must have faith that it serves as a platform for doing what must be done.

I don't believe you are "anti-American" - on the contrary, I think you represent a significant segment of our society that has led too sheltered an existence and has suckled at the breast of self-indulgent, self-righteous intellectualism. The philosophies of appeasement and pacifism are noble, but have yet to significantly advance the causes of peace and justice. It's time now to face reality.

It should be well noted that if not for the fact of the blood and guts spread on the hillsides of such countries as Japan and Germany, you would not have the privilege of expressing your opinions as you have.

The murdering bastards who planned and executed this atrocity cannot be appeased or pacified and those who protect and help them are no longer "innocent" nor "civilians".

Kathy Gillogly